Cleaning Services Cape Town


Cleaning Services Cape Town offers a high quality cleaning experience. Our cleaning staff are friendly and extremely good at what they do. They work fast and all work is supervised by a hands on manager. We arrive on time and strive to complete the job on time as well. We charge per hour, R650 for the first hour, and R400 per hour thereafter.

This is for :

  • 3 Staff
  • Supervision
  • Fuel and travel costs
  • Equipment
  • Detergents

On average a 2 bedroom home takes 2 hours to clean.


What makes us unique ?



  We bring all our own cleaning equipment and tools  
  The average amount of time it takes us to clean a house is 2 to 3 hours  
  We use top quality house keepers who work fast, and clean deep.  


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 Area's we cover

Camps Bay
Diep River
Devils Peak

Hout Bay
Mouille Point

St James

Sun Valley
The Waterfront
University Estate
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Clean me clean is our motto and we do just that. We clean like it’s never done before, we pay attention to detail, penetrating all corners that the eye might think are hidden. Through experience we have come to understand the secret chambers of dust and all narrow paths of dirty. We are now familiar to all kinds of architectural designed homes such that we need no time to study your living area to give you the expected clean. We offer the best ever house cleaning service in Cape Town. We are just but a call away, week days and weekends is all the same. You don’t need to spend your quality time worrying about house chores, rather spend the quality hours with your family and friends and we take care of the cleaning business. You don’t need to worry about shopping around for cleaning detergent too, we will bring it all at the quoted price and we will leave a sweet and homely scent in your house. Try us and you will never regret, home is only homely when it is clean and that’s where we take pride in “house cleaning services”. Home sweet home with home cleaning services in Cape Town our home.

Are your houses, office, hospital and yard clean? Cleaning is the removal of any foreign matter or pollution, an instance of making clean. A big firm as your factory needs not just an ordinary cleaner rather it need a proper cleaning services from a proper cleaning company and this is why we have cleaning services Cape Town.. we do not specialise in industries or factories instead we specialise in cleaning everywhere that needs a quick and firm touch, anywhere where you can see that dirt can be a healthful hazard to the surrounding people that is why our motto runs as cleaning Cape Town. We also clean places like hospitals, clinics, industries, factories, halls after a function or after a party, schools, homes and the least is just endless. If you find yourself reading this then you know that you are at the right place. If you are interested to have your place cleaned that every corner is sparkling clean, please call us to tell us the venue where you need our team to help you with the cleaning services. What are you waiting for, for more information contact us and one of our friendly consultants will book you in now!!

Are you looking for a dependable person or company to clean your house or office for you? Leaving someone in your house for whatever reason requires you to have a great deal of trust in that individual. Trusting that individual not to steal or be clumsy with your property. Do you desperately need a cleaner but do not have a trustworthy or hardworking contact at an affordable price. We cater for all social classes, “upper class, middle class and the lower financial class.”  Cleaning services Cape Town offers a service whereby we find one or multiple cleaning companies close to where you stay. When these quotes are sent to you, you have the option of choosing the cleaning company that you want and then cleaning services Cape Town will liaise with the company on your behalf and save you the pain of channels. With the experience of Cleaning services cape town, we are able to select the most suitable cleaning service for you, be it a once off, daily, weekly, twice a week, once or twice a month cleaning or any other arrangement that you might be comfortable with.  An added bonus, you don’t have to worry about cleaning material, we bring our own house cleaning equipment and chemicals.